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Manufacturer of : Reclaimed teak | Teak root furniture | Teak furniture Recycled | Driftwood furniture | Suar wood furniture | Goathide & Cowhide | Leather furniture | Wall decoration

We are a manufacturer of reclaimed teak, teak root furniture and decoration, recycled teak furniture, erosion teak, driftwood furniture and, we produce high quality indoor furniture made by high quality of reclaimed teak root, recycled teak wood, erosion teak wood and driftwood, we made large collection of wood wall decoration, suar stool and suar woodslab, tamarind woodslab, mango woodslab also.

Teak root furniture is an exciting new addition to our beautiful range. Our products are carved from the root of the teak tree. The tree was felled many, many years ago but instead of burning the roots before replanting, as was done previously, these unique items are now being produced. 

Here are a few gorgeous examples, each one totally unique like as: teak root coffee table, teak root bench, teak root dining table, teak root stool, teak root chairs, teak root console table, and many more.. 

We also do erosion teak lamps stand, erosion teak mirror, erosion teak table, driftwood desk lamp, rustic wall decoration and another home decoration product and unique handicrafts.

Recycled teak and reclaimed wood indoor furniture like as: Wardrobe, chest drawer, Chair, Dining table, sideboard, bedside table and cabinet sale in natural style, rustic style or custom color by customer request.

Suar wood furniture producer, suar woodslab, tamarind woodslab, mango woodslab for dining table, conference table combined with metal iron legs, stainless steel legs or wood as your interested.

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