6 Tips to Keep Your Teak Root Furniture Durable

//6 Tips to Keep Your Teak Root Furniture Durable

6 Tips to Keep Your Teak Root Furniture Durable

To keep your valuable possessions, follow these tips on caring for your teak root furniture. Teak is a large tree that can produce high-quality wood. This tree can grow to an average height of 30-40 meters. The distinctive feature of teak is its wide leaves. Teak itself is a type of tree that grows in the tropical rainforest with temperatures between 27-37 degrees Celsius. In Indonesia, teak is one type of wood which is often used to make furniture.

Known for its strength, teak wood furniture also has its own elegance. In addition, not only the stems that can be made into furniture, but many also have used teak root to make unique furnishings. Even though it is famously strong, teak root furniture still needs special care so that its beauty still radiates. Here are tips to keep your teak root furniture long lasting.

Avoid temperatures that are too moist or hot

  1. Your teak root furniture should be placed in a clean and dry room. This is because air with high humidity can accelerate the process of wood oxidation. It can later trigger the growth of fungi or encourage termites to make nests on furniture. You also have to keep it away from direct exposure to sunlight or other heat sources. It can make your teak wood furniture dull, cracked, and even curved. Therefore, you should place your teak root furniture in a place with normal temperature.
  2. Giving a layer to your furniture
  3. Secondly, you can give a layer to the furniture so that it is not easily scratched. If it isn’t treated properly, your furniture will certainly look dull faster. So keep your teak wood furniture surface well, for example by placing a glass or tablecloth on your teak root table. Also, you can put a layer of foam on your teak chair. Those coating materials can minimize the possibility of scratches or stains that can damage your antique furniture.
  4. Clean your teak furniture regularly Cleaning teak furniture and decoration must be done regularly to maintain its beauty. You have to do this so that they still look dashing and new. Simply provide a clean cloth towel. Use the cloth to remove dust and dirt on the surface of your teak root furniture. Meanwhile, to reach the cracks of teak root use a small soft brush to clean the gap. Use wood furniture cleaner
  5. You can also use a cleaning product which is specially formulated for wood furniture. This product is usually sold in a spray. So you only need to spray it on the furniture surface. First, spray the liquid as needed on the furniture surface. Then wipe the surface with a soft cloth to dry. For dirt that is difficult to remove, use clean water mixed with detergent soap. Please note that you should not use solvents that contain such as methanol or acetone, because they can damage the teak furniture coating.
  6. As is well known, the main attraction of teak wood furniture is its natural color. In order to keep the color bright, you can polish it with teak oil. Perform this treatment periodically to get maximum results. You can also do these tips for items made from teak wood. While for those which are placed outside or directly exposed to sunlight, do the refinishing periodically, once every 2-3 years, so that the color remains beautiful. Treat it with caution Every process of cleaning or maintaining teak wood furniture must be done slowly and carefully. Never move these items by sliding, but must be lifted in the holder. This is done to maintain the strength of the connection of teak furniture. When rubbing the teak surface, you shouldn’t do it roughly as well. It could leave a scratch that can damage the appearance of your worthy furniture. In the hands of craftsmen, the roots of teak trees can be used to decorate your space. Besides this material is known to be sturdy, its propagation is quite aesthetic to be processed into antique products. Utilizing the root into a functional room element is something that can be an inspiration. In fact, processed forms of teak roots can create high selling values.

Generally, the root shape of teak wood can be processed into tables, chairs or storefronts. Because it has solid, strong, and fragile fibers, teak roots can be shaped in such a way. Interestingly, this wood component can be formed into charming chairs and tables.

To produce a unique shape, the craftsmen usually must follow the character and veins of the roots. If the root strokes resemble a bowl, the shape can be processed into a chair or table. The finishing process that takes the most time is the sanding. This stage takes a long time. Through this process, teak furniture will look more attractive. For those who like teak carving, teak root furniture will certainly be a very valuable treasure.

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