Finding a Reliable Recycled Teak Furniture Manufacturer

//Finding a Reliable Recycled Teak Furniture Manufacturer

Finding a Reliable Recycled Teak Furniture Manufacturer

Want to get high-quality recycled furniture? Let’s find the right recycled teak furniture manufacturer! Surely, the most buyers of recycled teak furniture are fans of antiques. The older and the more qualified used wood furniture, the more collectors will hunt for it. Even so, getting good quality used furniture is not easy, likewise when we want to find a reliable recycled teak furniture manufacturer.

In this case, CV Indomeuble is a large-scale manufacturer of the type of furniture made from high-quality recycled teak, reclaimed teak root, driftwood, and suar wood. In addition, this manufacturer specializes in teak furniture production and teak reclamation.

Established in 1996, CV Indomeuble is located in Jepara. Jepara is a small city in the Province of Central Java and known as the center of the Indonesian furniture industry. Since its inception, the company has been consistent in producing furniture from teak wood. Then in 2003, CV Indomeuble successfully established a manufacturing company.

They work with many local craftsmen in Jepara as well. However, not just any craftsmen can join them. The company only chooses those who have good quality and timeliness of production. Besides marketing these products throughout Indonesia, the company also directly exports their furniture products to Europe and the United States.

Recycled Teak Furniture as Home Decor Trend

The home decor trend that has continued to develop is the use of recycled wood, especially teak wood. Using recycled teak wood is considered to have benefits in terms of aesthetics or the environment. This material is a good choice for a bench, dining table, chair, and coffee table.

The lovers of wood furniture surely know teak. Teak is a type of wood that has high quality. No wonder many people cultivate teak trees for long-term investment. These trees that have straight stems can grow to 30-40 meters. Usually, teak is harvested after 15 years or adjusted to the desired quality of the teak.

Teak also has a very fine texture because it contains oil which makes the quality of the teak strong and durable. In addition, the characteristics of good quality teak wood are having a very large outer ring line (according to age), having a small branch, and perpendicular.

Also, a number of workshops and furniture manufacturers utilize recycled wood to produce the highest quality products. Before utilizing recycled teak wood, they will usually find out the origin of the wood source, so that it can be reprocessed into quality furniture products.

To get the best quality recycled teak wood, craftsmen generally get from old construction materials such as house, barn, and warehouse. These sources are found mostly in the tropics area. This is because a house, barn, or warehouse in the tropics area often uses wood that is very large and wide for the construction. The large-scale used wood is then cut into different sizes. Then, the manufacturer can make various furniture products. The used teak wood material is usually obtained from a truck, shipping container, boat, and railroad pad.

Benefits of recycled teak wood in terms of aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics; recycled teak wood usually has finer and more beautiful fibers. This is because used teak wood commonly has a good quality. The used teak wood is generally old when harvested, the color is also darker, and the level of sturdiness is higher. Then if you buy new teak, most of it is harvested early. Of course, the wood is less strong and the fiber also looks coarser. That will make the furniture look less attractive. On the other hand, most people also prefer teak furniture without finishing, so the impression is more natural. Then, they can get it by purchasing recycled teak furniture.

Benefits of recycled teak wood in terms of the environment

In terms of the environment; the advantage of recycled teak wood is that people don’t need to cut down new trees to meet the needs of furniture materials. As is well known, many environmental organizations voiced their concerns about the illegal logging as a source of furniture material. When people use recycled wood, the tree surely can still grow.

This can make a big contribution to the sustainability of the forest which is a habitat for animals. In addition to keeping the environment healthy and clean, teak trees can also produce natural air and reduce global warming. What’s more, the use of recycled teak wood can create products that are more environmentally friendly, because it reduces the use of fossil fuels. While in terms of time, recycled teak wood is quite easy to obtain.

The attraction of recycled teak furniture

Recycled teak furniture has a brownish color. The older the teak wood, the color will be dark brown. The construction of recycled teak is also better than the new one. This is because the recycled teak wood made from wood are decades old. Another plus is its natural finishing, so it doesn’t change the uniqueness of teak color. So, are you one of the fans of recycled teak furniture? Because good quality teak furniture is not easy to find, you should be more selective in choosing a recycled teak furniture manufacturer.

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