Get a luxury touch with live edge teak wood table tops and suar wood table

//Get a luxury touch with live edge teak wood table tops and suar wood table

Get a luxury touch with live edge teak wood table tops and suar wood table

If you like fancy decoration, bring a luxury touch into your home is a brilliant idea. In this case, a live edge teak table tops and a suar top table is considered a must-have for you. Both are considered to have a strong elegant look and can make the room feel more picturesque. For more details, let us discuss more in below. All elements at home play an important role to create a luxurious mood. However, if you want to make your space look grand as a whole, then the key is in choosing colors for the decoration and furniture. As you know, the combination of colors and objects can give a touch of luxury.

Also, you can create luxurious accents by placing a unique patterned painting and beautiful crystal chandelier in the living room. And, what should be noted is that the impression of luxury does not always have to follow the latest trend. You can apply a classic and traditional style to create a posh mood in your home. Actually, luxury is about quality and not just quantity.

That’s why it’s better if you don’t put too many items in a room. Too much stuff in the room will make it seem crowded. As you know, the lack of movement space can eliminate the luxury impression in the room.

Live edge Top Teak wood for Dining table

It is very important to measure whether the table you buy is suitable for your space, especially if your living or dining room is small. Don’t let the table is too large for a narrow room or too small for a large room. For example, a rectangular table will not be suitable for narrow space because it makes space look narrower. Likewise, if the room is spacious, the table should not be too small because it will not be visible.

For a deluxe look, you can choose the live edge teak table tops. As you know, teak is a type of high-quality wood that is suitable for reviving the luxury mood. In addition, teak furniture is also famous for its robustness and durability. The appearance of a solid live edge teak table tops is also suited for a focal point in the living or dining room. This furniture will definitely make the home atmosphere feel more comfortable and milder.

No less important, you also need to adjust the interior concept with the furniture. For space with a vintage concept, special furniture is needed according to the concept. Then for a room that has a minimalist design, you should choose small-sized furniture with a minimalist concept. This can accentuate the feel of the room so that it looks more alive and harmonious.

Choosing a Suar Top Table for Your Dining Room
Obviously, you want to set up your home with the style that you like. The dining room must be one of the spaces you want to decorate. The dining table is one of the parts that you can’t miss. Compared to any style decor, wooden dining table still remains an option. It seems to be timeless.

But before placing a wooden table in the dining room, there are several things that you must pay attention to. First, notice the selection of material. If you want a natural dining room, you can use a strong wooden table like a suar.

Then, you have to pay attention to the design and model. It is certain that the design and model of the dining table follow the concept of your home. If your home has a minimalist style, you should choose a simple model. But if your home is in a classic style, you should choose a dining table that has carvings.

Live edge Top, Suar wood for Dining table

Not inferior to teak, this wood is also widely used in furniture. Suar is also known as trembesi wood in Indonesia or rain tree. The suar wood furniture enthusiasts not only come from within the country, but many foreign people also like suar furniture from Indonesia. The uniqueness of suar furniture can be seen in the design.

Unlike the wood furniture in general, suar furniture usually uses wood that has thick and wide components. In addition, the colors and motifs of the suar wood are also unique. Therefore, most suar furniture is finished using natural colors. Then, to make your dining room seem more majestic, you can put a charming suar top table in the center. But you have to adjust the table size with your room first.

Lastly, before starting to choose the furniture, there are two important things to note. As mentioned earlier, all furniture has its own functional and aesthetic functions. Functionality is related to the use of the furniture. Meanwhile, aesthetics relate to the extent to which furniture can support the look of a home. So, make sure you really pay attention to these two things when you want to buy furniture.

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