Reclaimed Teak Root Furniture as New Home Decor Trend

//Reclaimed Teak Root Furniture as New Home Decor Trend

Reclaimed Teak Root Furniture as New Home Decor Trend

For those of you who like rustic rooms, reclaimed teak root furniture is a great choice. Then read the full review here! Teak is very popular in the furniture industry. Also, teak is one of the best woods to be used as a material for furniture or materials for other wood products. A teak tree is widely grown in Asia. As is known, teak is also a superior wood product from Indonesia.

Teak wood is widely used as a framework for house, door, furniture, fence, flooring etc. How to choose a good quality teak? Firstly, you have to understand the quality, type and moisture content in the teak. With that, you will know which teak wood has the best quality.

Not only are the trunks which are used to make furniture or wood decorations, but teak root now also being hunted by many buyers. Reclaimed teak root furniture is indeed being hit among lovers of rustic decorations. Teak root was originally a product waste and is generally used for firewood. Now the teak root is used as a material for furniture.

Reclaimed Teak Root Furniture for Rustic Ideas

Because it is considered unique, reclaimed teak root furniture has a high economic value now. Regarding prices, it certainly depends on the model and the level of difficulty in the manufacturing process. In addition, furniture made from this part of the teak tree has a distinctive beauty compared to models of chairs and tables in general.

Besides creating beautiful strokes on the surface of the teak tree, the root shape also adds some uniqueness to the furniture. In the process of working, the teak roots will be made as table legs. The basic form of the root is then developed again by the craftsmen with various desired motifs. Some were formed into a tree, flower, bird, crocodile, and other animals. It surely depends on the request of the buyer.

Also, the furniture made from teak roots is very suitable for a rustic room. In practice, rustic is often associated with the natural style. The rustic look will be stronger if you combine it with the right choice of materials, color, and furniture. However, you need to be careful because not just any material can be added to create this rustic feel.

The key is not to over-expose the rustic element. The method can be by placing wood furniture which left without finishing. In this case, reclaimed teak root furniture can strengthen the natural and earthy impression of your space.

The Uniqueness of Teak Root Furniture

Teak root also has the same quality as the trunk, maybe even better. No wonder now that a lot of teak root furniture is sold on the market with a variety of models and designs. In the past, the teak root was only allowed to dry into firewood. For industrial needs, roots also are not the main choice. However, the teak roots are the basic ingredients of handicrafts that are usually made into decorations, sculptures, or furniture. In making furniture, the teak root will be formed based on the pattern of the root itself.

Teak root furniture consists of two types actually. The first is the main furniture commonly used such as a table or chair. This type of furniture is pretty unique because it has to adjust to the conditions of the roots. The making process is very easy and not too difficult because a table or chair is the type of furniture that puts forward functional. For the table, the legs must be equalized so that they have a flat and stable surface. The chair can have a backrest or not depending on the shape of the root.

To get high-quality teak roots is very difficult as well. Teak wood with a diameter of 50 cm takes more than ten years to be ready for felling. The roots are very small and do not match the needs. Therefore, craftsmen usually use mixed materials to make these roots can be formed as a table. So, sometimes the teak root furniture does not really come from the roots. The legs are the root while the upper section is the teak trunk.

In fact, teak root furniture is more expensive than the original one. The quality and the difficulty level of workmanship have an impact on the price. Craftsmen need more time to work on this type of furniture. To get the teak root, they have to make sure that the teak root is not damaged when it is lifted out of the ground. They can’t use the ordinary cutting equipment. Then area around the root must be dug first and the root is cut on the base.

In addition, teak is a type of tree with a taproot. That means the roots branch in all directions. Of course, only the upper part and the few stems are used. That’s why the manufacturing process takes a long time to make the teak root become a furniture material. Because it has very high artistic and economic values, it is not surprising that many are hunting teak root furniture to decorate their space.

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